Year 2015

For it's 24th session, The École du MAGASIN was composed by 6 participants from France, Italy, Turkey and the USA : 


Betty BIEDERMAN (born in 1990, France),

Sophie LVOFF (born in 1986, USA),

Martina MARGINI (born in 1988, Italy),

Théo ROBINE-LANGLOIS (born in 1990, France),

Asli SEVEN (born in 1981, Turkey),

Chloé SITZIA (born in 1990, France)


Session 24 project



May 30 - June 23, 2015

Opening May 29, 2015 at 6pm


We are pleased to present Take You There Radio, a temporary radio project as exhibition streaming on the internet. Take You There Radio aims to transport participants and listeners to another place on an individual and shared level— a type of metaphysical travel that has occurred within audiences since the birth of radio as a popular media. The project takes place in collaboration with four artists-in-residence and with the participation of interlocutors from long and short distances who will premeditate and improvise radio interventions.


The programming of Take You There Radio revolves around the core themes of space and time travel as experienced through altered states of consciousness, narratives of science fiction, utopian ideals, appropriation of socio-political topics by amateurs, investigation of sound in language and music, as well as radio station as a structure for predictable patterns with mysterious outcomes. Participants will create radio-specific art pieces in Grenoble using resources provided by the Take You There Radio curatorial team: a sound recording studio inhabiting the physical space of the Conciergerie, a resource center and listening room free to the public, and counseling from radio professionals as well as theorists from various fields. Along with the traditional radio schedule, improvisation will take place during the web stream broadcast in the form of prank phone calls, love letters, DJ sets, interviews, tutorials, and more. As part of the exhibition program, a series of workshops for local teenagers will be led by the curatorial team and invited instructors.


We are pleased to announce our invited artists-in-residence : Antoine Boute, Dafna Maimon, Itziar Okariz and Simon Ripoll-Hurier. Les participants pour les collaborations sont : Autumn Ahn, Céline Ahond, Manon Bellet & Eric Kiesewetter, Pierre Beloüin, Birthstone, Blasterama Radioshow, Blood Blog, Alessandro Bosetti, Kyle Bravo, Brice Nice, Jacques Brodier, Jane Cassidy, Arianna Cecconi et Tuia Cherici, Sabrina Chou, Cloudnumber (Fullfridge Music), Stephen Collier, Sym Corrigan, The Cosmopolitan Shepherd, Louise Culot, Tom Dale, Danny, Marie-Michelle Deschamps, dose rate sound system, Merve Ertufan, Amanda Feery, Maxime Guitton, Deniz Gul, Mikhail Karikis, Camille Llobet, MACON, Mambo Chick (Palmwine Records), Jelena Martinovic, Joël Massey, Pierre Michelon, Miss Kim, Denis Morin, M-O-R-S-E, Estelle Nabeyrat, Neon Burgundy, Jérôme Noetinger, Anouchka Oler, Optical Sound, Sergio Padilla, Anne-Laure Pigache, Lily Reynaud-Dewar, Sahel Sounds, Mark Schreiber, Shelter Press, Taylor Lee Shepherd, Nick Stillman, Isabelle Stragliati, Armando Andrade Tudela, Julien Vadet, Loïc Verdillon, Very Primitive, Wounded Wolf Press, Xeno and Oaklander, (list of May 21, 2015). The studio of Take You There Radio is conceived in collaboration with the members of Vill9-la-Série (, a film production and education non-profit based in Villeneuve, Grenoble. will be broadcast online for 5 days, nonstop 24-hours a day, transmitting and diffusing our unique, ephemeral, messy, previously unheard collaboration beamed into the universe. The studio of Take You There Radio will host the public with improvised listening sessions between 30 May - 19 June 2015, Wednesday to Sunday, from 5pm to 7pm. The studio turned listening room will be open to public from 19 through 23 June 2015, Wednesday to Sunday, from 2pm to 7pm. The content produced and broadcast by Take You There Radio will be relayed by our partner radios: R22 ( and Radio Campus Grenoble 90.8 (


Take You There Radio is a curatorial project by Betty Biedermann, Sophie Lvoff, Martina Margini, Théo Robine-Langlois, Asli Seven, Chloé Sitzia of École du MAGASIN, Grenoble.



Session 24





Sophie LVOFF 





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External speakers

Jean-pierre Beauviala,
Isabelle Cornaro,
Arno Gisinger,
Maxime Guitton,
Adrià Julià,
Simon Ripoll-Hurier,
Andrea Viliani