Year 2009

Season 18
A curatorial project by Session 18 of l'Ecole du Magasin
Episode 10
The inescapable experience of transition
Archive - Practice with Ruben Arevshatyan, Samvel Baghdasaryan, Susanna Gyulamiryan, Armine Hovhannisyan, Nazareth Karoyan // Art of Failure // Collectif 1.0.3 // Wafaa Bilal // Heath Bunting // Hiwa K // Kaori Kinoshita & Alain Della Negra // Société Réaliste
Season 18 is Elodie Dufour (France), Marianna Hovhannisyan (Armenia), Yun In Kim
(Korea), Marlène Perronet (France), Diane Pigeau (France), Tolga Taluy (Turkey),
supervised by Fareed Armaly.
The collective project of the 18th Session of l'Ecole du Magasin is entitled "Season 18".
The first public section of this project was, a blog in which the participants related the state of six individual researches and published one thematic group discussion through weekly "episodes". For them, this formal choice reflected a processual work
whereas its terminology expressed a shared culture of the mass media. Its format filtered different independent materials published online into certain paths of enquiry, which ultimately reflected more overlaps than separations. These overlaps revealed the shared
concepts of mapping, modeling and simulation, which in turn established the working coordinates for the exhibition "The Inescapable Experience of Transition". 


Maps, models and simulations attempt to render representations of behaviors, characteristics and relationships on different levels. These symbolic depictions limit territories, build systems and imitate realities. Alternatively, the existence of these different
segments sustains the significance of change between them.
In the frame of "The Inescapable experience of transition", Collectif 1.0.3 juxtaposes six screens displaying the chronological Internet history records of the participants as an archeology of the previous researches. Through a first-person shooter, Wafaa Bilal shows
the difficulties to choose between the allies and the enemies in the context of a conflict zone. Constrained by physical borders, Hiwa K learns and teaches virtually on demand. Della Negra and Kinoshita follow the adventures of Second Life animal characters in the
"Real Life". Heath Bunting compiles documents by experimenting the breaches in the European borders and shares them on a restricted website. Société Réaliste operates a shift between the nature and the processing of data by different types of visualization.
Archive - Practice questions about the transmission between two art movements in Armenia, a country whose memory is ruptured by two major events during the 20th Century. Art of Failure observes the distortions of a symbolic image borrowed from the
psychodiagnostic of Rorschach sent ad infinitum between two points geographically separated by hundreds of kilometers.
Through existing and original artworks, this Exhibition reflects on the convergence of borders and boundaries, past and present, real and virtual and the realities of transition as a contemporary relational principle. In collaboration with the curators, Pied la Biche
proposes a point of perspective for the display, which spatially materializes the zone of transition between and the actual exhibition.

Denis Carrier offers a graphic design in which the blue gradient on top of the walls suggests a segmented shift to an infinite space, without any borders.


Season 18 has been invited to develop its project for the forthcoming Lyon Biennale.










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